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Thursday, June 7, 2012


Hi Everyone,

I've recently discovered Craftsy, a wonderful website for crafters! I've already loaded a number of projects onto my store there and will be adding more regularly, so keep checking to see whats new. All the patterns there are printer friendly so that solves the problems that have been encountered by people trying to print from here :)

To reach my store, just click on my Craftsy label in the right hand column of my blog.

Here are some of the paterns I've already loaded

Monday, March 29, 2010

Winter Warmers Winners

Yesterday turned out to be a strange day, some awful person hacked into a lot of webshops and destroyed them. Mamma4earth phoned to warn me and so I decided to keep my computer switched off, hence no posting. I have since discovered that not being online makes no difference and fortunately the people who host her webshop had it up and running again by last night.

So although a little later than promised, here are the Winning entries from the Winter Warmers Competition.

Knitted Warmers - Adult - 1st Marie Heydenrych

Knitted Warmers - Adult - 2nd Shirley Wilson

Knitted Warmers - Child - 1st Adri du Plessis

Knitted Warmers - Child - 2nd Alison Freneman

Stitched Warmers - Adult - 1st Marie du Toit

Stitched Warmers - Adult - 2nd St Francis Sewing Friends

Stitched Warmers - Child - 1st Annette Zondagh

Stitched Warmers - Child - 2nd Mariaane Niemandt

We received a total of 48 beautiful blankets and quilts which will all be given to needy individuals to keep them warm this winter.
The winners will receive prizes sponsored by Bernina, House of Embroidery, Arthur Bales, Wilson & Maclagan and Sew Easy.