Dana Biddle – Fibre Art Timeline
1977 – Learnt to knit

1990 – Joined a freestyle embroidery group (to 1999)

1998 – Started teaching creative knitting (to present)

2001 – Joined Pretoria Creative Knitting Group (member until 2004)

2002 – Publication - Work featured in Craftwise magazine, became regular contributor (to 2008)

2003 – Exhibition –   Wild Wonderful Wearable, Gilles Botbyl Pretoria
             Publication - Work featured on cover of book – “Turn your Hobby into a Business”
                                      Craftwise Magazine

2004 – Joined Fibreworks
Exhibitions – Stitches, Atlantic City, USA
                        Fibreworks III, Merely Mortal, JHB
                        National Quilt Festival, ICC, Durban
                        Innovative Threads, Nova Constantia, Cape Town
                                                            New Zealand
Publications - Craftwise Magazine

2005 – Exhibitions –  Major Minors II, Museum Africa, JHB
                                                                    Melbourne, Australia
                                       FNB Craft Awards – NSA Durban
                                       Stolen Affections – Salvador’s Goethe Institut, Brazil
             Publications - Craftwise Magazine

2006 – Exhibitions -   Fibreworks IV – Bamboo, JHB
                                                                  African Window, Pretoria
                                                                  Art Museum, Margate
                                       Arthur Bales Window
                                       Stolen Affections – Galaria Capibaribe, Federal University of Pernambuco,
                                                                         Museu Théo Brandão, Federal University of Alagoas, Brazil
                                                                          Cultural Centre of Eugénie Villien, University of Santa
                                                                          Marcelina, São Paulo, Brazil
                                       Craftwise Needlework Carnival, JHB
             Publications – Quilting Arts Fall Issue
                                       Innovative Threads: A Decade of Fibre Art
                                       Craftwise Magazine

2007 – Exhibitions -    Stitch n Bitch London Trafalgar Lions Project
                                       Sewing, Knitting and Craft Show, UK
                                       Stolen Affections – Caixa Cultural of Salvador, Brazil
                               New Horizons Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition – Handweksmesse, Munich,
                                                                                                                       Atelier Dempf, Berlin, Germany
                                                                                                 Jewellery Museum in Turnov, Czech Republic
                                                                       International Jewellery Symposium, Turnov, Czech Republic
                                       Fibreworks TEN – Nova Constantia, Cape Town
            Publications -  Stitches n Bears Magazine (to present) Consulting Editor – Textiles
                                      GZ Art + Design International Jewellery Magazine
                                      Craftwise Magazine
                                      Stitches Magazine

2008 – Exhibitions -   Stolen Affections, UPV, Valencia, Spain
                                      Fibreworks V, ArtSpace Durban
                                      Gordart Gallery, Melville, JHB
                                      Objekt Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition, Parktown North, JHB
                                      Objekt Contemporary Knitting Exhibition, Parktown North, JHB
                                      Innovative Threads, Nova Constantia, Cape Town
            Publications - Stitches Magazine

2009 – Exhibitions -  Crafting New Pathways – craft awards 2009, Reserve Bank Gallery, Pretoria
                                     Major Minors (Rosalie) New York, USA
                                     Fibreworks Vista, Artisan Gallery, Durban
              Publications - Stitches Magazine

2010 – Exhibitions -  Fibreworks Voyages of Discovery – artb Bellville, Cape Town
             Publications – 1000 Artisan Textiles
                                        Stitches Magazine

2011 - Exhibitions - Fibreworks Kimonos Unlimited    -  Artisan Gallery Durban
                                   TAGG (Textile Art Group Gauteng) - Guest artist - The Art Place, J'burg
                                    Contemporary Textile Art Works, Structures in Cloth - Sandton Art Gallery
             Publications - A Knitting Adventure - with South African Yarn
                                      'n Brei Advontuur - met Suid Afrikaanse Wol
                                      Stitches Magazine
2012 - Exhibitions - Celebration - Artisan Gallery Durban
                                 Fibreworks VII - FADA Gallery, University of Johannesburg
                                 Major Minors - IQCA, Johannesburg
                                 Dreams - IQCA, Johannesburg
                                 Major Minors - Artisan Gallery Durban
            Publications - Stitches Magazine