Wednesday, April 7, 2010

French Knitted Bracelets

Bonjour, (which is about the limit of my French)

I have a couple of friends who are learning to speak French. I don't think they need lessons as what they say sounds wonderful to me - although I haven't got a clue what it means. I do how ever enjoy French knitting, a lovely relaxing, meditative way of making long knitted cords. These are done on a french knitting dolly but can also be knit as I-cord for which there will be instructions in my next post. The knitted cords can be used for all sorts of things - here they're made into Friendship Bracelets. They are quick and easy enough for kids to make and use up tiny amounts of yarn, so make a few for all your friends.

Using yarn with a sheen and metallic threads and beads will give the bracelet a more “jewellery like” look. Younger children will need supervision when working with sharp needles and scissors.

You will need:
DK yarn
French knitting dolly

Scraps of multi coloured yarn.
Perlé embroidery thread
Blunt tapestry needle
Seed beads
Sewing thread
Beading needle

Using your chosen yarn make French knit cord 25 – 30 cm long. Leave a tail of at least 10cm at end.
Roll up one end to form a round knot and stitch to secure.
Make a loop on the other end large enough to pass over the knot when slightly stretched. Stitch to secure.

Embellish with embroidery, wrapped yarn, knitted beads, seed beads etc.



  1. Lovely idea Dana, my girls will enjoy making these!

  2. Great idea. Unfortunately the picture is a little bit too small to figure out the details.

  3. Dana, they are so cute...I think I will convince my girls to knit...and of course, you know that Erin will certainly want to make some :)
    Heidi :)


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