Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tassel Necklace


The last few days went by in a blur and so I must apologise for not getting here - I will be making up for it in this coming week.  Last week I wore a favourite necklace that I made some time ago. I got so many compliments that I decided to share the instructions with you.

One will never be enough once you have made this necklace! Easy to make and easy to wear choose your beads and thread then crochet yourself an accessory to treasure.

What you will need

1. A skein of No. 5 or No. 8 embroidery thread
2. An assortment of beads –
a. Seed beads to be worked into your necklace - you will need about 10g or more depending on how close together you want your beads and how long you want your necklace- with holes big enough for your thread to fit through.
b. A large bead with a hole big enough for 12 threads to pass through.
c. 12 other beads for the ends of your tassel.
3. Findings –Toggle clasp and 2 large jump rings
4. Crochet Hook – 3 to 3.5
5. Tape measure
6. Scissors or snips
7. Sewing cotton (any you have got – colour doesn’t matter)
8. Sewing needle – fine enough to fit through your beads
9. Embroidery needle with eye large enough to take your embroidery cotton
10. Round nosed pliers, long nose pliers and side cutters.
11. Clear fabric glue or clear nail varnish.

Instructions are available in my Ravelry Store and also in my Craftsy store

Enjoy wearing your necklace.

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  1. This necklace is lovely Dana! Thank you for sharing the instructions:)


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