Monday, March 7, 2011

Mosaic Madness

I was very fortunate this Hobby-X, for a change, I was on the receiving end of a workshop - twice! In2Crafts ran a number of workshops designed as an  introduction to different crafts or to teach new or improved techniques. What fun! I chose 2 mosaic classes (Tile Tapestries and Mosaic Pendants) because I have never worked with mosaics before.

I didn't know what I was missing, mosiac is such fun and I came away with a beautiful mosaic tapestry made from all sorts of stuff like the usual glass tiles and the not so usual, tiles made from Skulpy clay and stamps, seed beads, pewter ....

The Mosaic Pendant workshop was just as good. I learnt to cut the glass tiles properly and ended up making 3 pendants :) - just couldn't stop! They still need to get a resin finish and I'm going to hang them from beaded chains.

I had so much fun that I bought the tools required and a lot of mosaic tiles and am definately going to do more of this.

Hope you had a fun weekend too.


  1. Love the pendants! I am really happy that you had some time to enjoy while working :) .... And discovered a new talent , my friend :)

  2. Such fun - we should do some together :)


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