Friday, January 2, 2015

Knitted ICord

I- Cord is tubular knitting done on 2 double pointed needles or on one circular needle. This gives the same result as knitting on a french knitting dolly but with the added benefit of being able to increase and decrease the number of stitches and also of being able to vary the thickness of the yarn used. It is very useful for jewellery, cords, straps ....

C/on between 4 and 8 Stitches
**knit across
Slide the stitches back across to the other end of the needle without turning and pull the yarn firmly across the back of your work
Repeat from ** until your cord is the required length.
Cut yarn, leaving a 20cm tail. Thread through stitches and fasten off.  
This will give you a stocking stitch cord – smooth side out.

For a reverse stocking stitch cord – pull the yarn across the front of your work to begin knitting the next row.

I-cord cast off
This is a wonderful way to finish edges as you cast off. You can vary the number of stitches as you please.
Cast on 5 sts
*K4; K2tog; Slip 5 sts from right hand needle back to left needle
Repeat from *

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