Thursday, January 28, 2016

ColourSpun Colourways - Margaret's Granny

Last week, not one but both of the undersea cables that help provide our internet went down. We also had one of those notorius highveld storms with thunder and lightning and so when everyone else was reconnected, we weren't. we had little spurts of connectivity and so never realised the problem was with our hardware. Anyway after much to-ing and fro-ing  we are finally all up and working again. I have received quite a few pictures and so have some catching up to do. Here's the first one, from Margaret Pretorius.

The ColourSpun Pure Cotton colours used here are

Top row: 051 319 328 406 329 039
Middle row: 124 042 047 054 470 307
Bottom row: 309 090 060 103 116 Natural

Have fun!

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