Thursday, November 17, 2011

Printing Patterns

There seems to be a lot interest in the pattern for my  Rosy Cotton Top pattern again and I had a request for a printer friendly version. I had set aside some time this morning to try to find out how to do this and luckily decided to clear my inbox first. There I found this comment from anonymous:

If you want to print only the pattern without all the comments just right-click and choose "Print Preview". Then choose only pages 1 and 2 to print and you will get only the pattern. Simple computer printing trick!

Thank you so much for saving me time and others frustration, paper and ink!

Another way to save a lot of paper and ink and to have all your patterns etc. on hand where ever you are is to use a "tablet".
Now I'm not promoting the use of any dugs here - although mine has become quite addictive - the tablet I'm talking about is  an iPad or similar device. I have loads of books, magazines, etc.... loaded on mine, that I can slip into my hand bag and take with me anywhere. I'd need to have a truck in tow to carry the paper versions around!  So get your e-mail off to Santa if you don't already have one and besides the convenience of having all your info literally at your fingertips, just think of all the trees you'll be saving! 



  1. Hi! Thank you for a beautiful pattern, could I ask the measurements of the finished item please? I'm knitting it in a different yarn and am worried its knitting up a little small. Thank you again, I'm really enjoying it :)

  2. The pattern seems to have disappeared!! It was actually highlighted in 'All Free Knittings' newsletter today, however it isn't there when we click over. :( Very pretty! I'd love to try it. Thanks.

  3. Oops - sorry! That was my fault, I turned it into a draft. It's back now and I'm also going to be putting it on Craftsy for an easy download and printer friendly version. Look out for it there in the next week or so.


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