Saturday, December 31, 2011

Colonial Knots

Hi Everyone,

It's the last day of this year and I am spending it in my studio :)

When I woke up this morning I decided to have a lazy day in my PJ's in my studio. Well I'm in my PJ's and in my studio and it's turning out to be a not so lazy day - I'm really busy having fun!

I have been busy putting some of my knitting patterns onto Ravelry - you can find them here, and I'll be adding more soon.

I also had a request for a "Colonial Knot" tutorial today, in response to my post on Knit Buttons and so here goes:

Since I'm left handed, this is the way it would look doing it the left handed way. If you're right handed, here is a right handed tutorial.

 1. Bring your thread through to the right side of your work

 2. Holding your thread in your right hand,
put your needle under the thread from the right hand side

 3. Now bring your thread over the needle and then under
the point from the left hand side.
The thread forms a "figure 8"

 4. Push the point of your needle back into the fabric in
 the same place you brought your thread through to
the right side 

 5. Pull your thread tight around your needle and hold it
while you push the needle through the fabric and then pull
all the thread through to form a
Colonial Knot

I've used fabric and thread here but these can be worked very successfully on your knitting using yarn.


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