Friday, January 13, 2012

I CAN make shoes....

..... sandals actually :)

Here's the first pair I've made using the instructions from Amanda's e-book "Sandal making for beginners" . Finding the supplies was easy and I didn't even have to go to the city,  managing to buy everything in Heidelberg, except buckles which I decided not to use.

The rubber for the soles and the leather-board for the insoles is quite difficult to cut but if you let it bend over a bit it's not so bad. The man at the shoe repair shop suggested using a craft knife but the scissors were easier and more accurate. I also added an extra little heel cut out of the sole rubber so that they are not completely flat. Instead of leather for the straps I used cotton fabric and sewed 2 pieces together for each strap to give them extra body and strength. Since there was nobody to help mark the position of the straps, the masking tape came in very handy as did clothes pegs to help squeeze them together when the soles were finally glued on.

This pair took me a couple of days to make because they were made inbetween dyeing yarn, working on magazine projects, lots of  after the holidays catch ups on the phone..... but in reality they should only take and hour or two.

I'm really pleased with this first pair, they're very comfortable and easy to walk in and I'll definately be making more.

Hurry up with the "Ballet Pumps for Beginners" Amanda, I can't wait to make some of those too!

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  1. Love it! I am off to buy the eBook! Your sandals are lovely my friend, well done!


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