Saturday, January 7, 2012

Make your own sandals

This last week has just flown past! Nicole, my friend, has been over from London and I have been teaching her to spin yarn, make felt and dye yarn - so we've been having FUN

She arrived wearing an amazing pair of sandals - that she made herself!

They are the first pair she ever made and are constructed from recycled fabric from an old pair of denims, an old T-shirt and dress.

The instructions for the sandals can be found in an e-book called "Sandal making for Beginners" by Amanda Luisa which is available from I CAN make shoes and there is a new e-book due for release in early 2012 called "Ballet Pumps for Beginners" - I'm waiting for that one!

Amanda also presents workshops so check on her website for what, where and when.

Here are some more sandals that Nicole has made using recycled old clothes.

So People - lets all make our own sandals and shoes!


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