Monday, January 30, 2012

Wakkerstroom Natural Fibre Handcraft Fair

This year, the FOURTH ANNUAL WAKKERSTROOM NATURAL FIBRE HANDCRAFT FAIR will be held on SATURDAY 24th MARCH 2012 in the Wakkerstroom NG Church Hall from 9.00 a.m. - 2.00 p.m. 

There will be weaving, spinning, embroidery, lace making, quilting, creative knitting, felting and much more on display with many vendors selling their natural fibre wares. Delicious homemade refreshments will be available as well as secure parking. (Entrance fee: R5.00)

In addition to the demonstrations, this year there will also be various workshops to choose from.     

For workshop requirements and bookings please phone the appropriate teacher. Numbers are limited per workshop – so PLEASE book early.

1.     Weaving with Luise Duke Tel: 082 870 4335

Workshop: DIAGONAL WEAVING A 3 hour class from 10.00am to 1.00pm  
Level: Beginner upwards 
Cost: R200.00 including weaving frame kit.

Wonderful for stash busting and much easier than you’d ever imagine – when you know how! All you need is an assortment of yarn, scissors and a wool needle.

A weaving frame kit will be provided. 

2.     Knitting (freestyle) techniques with Dana Biddle Tel:016 349 2949 / 083 268 5856 or email

Workshop:  FREE STYLE KNITTING A 3 hour class from 2.30 to 5.30pm
Level: Intermediate (must be able to cast on, pick up stitches, knit, purl, increase, decrease and cast off)
Cost R150.00

Freestyle, freeform, crazy, wild – the no rules, do as you please kind of knitting and crochet that uses up all your little bits and makes use of all sorts of other fibre techniques to create one of a kind, never to be repeated works of art.    All you need are knitting needles, a crochet hook, a darning needle, all sorts of yarn and your imagination. 
3.     Felting with Erica Cheetham Tel:011 673 4517

Workshop: BEGINNERS FELTING A 5 hour class 
Level: Beginner
Cost: R160.00 including kit

Within the 5 hours that are allocated for this course, the participants will learn the wet felting methods by making felted balls which then can be strung into a necklace,  a small bag or cell phone pouch with a strap. I shall also introduce needle felting, making a small face (doll size) of a person or an animal.

4.     Embroidery with Leonora Cloete Tel:011 764 1497 /  082 371 3433 or e-mail

Workshop 1. RIBBONS AND ROSES GREETING CARD A quick 90 minute class  
Level:  Beginner upward. 
Cost: R100.00 including kit

 This simple yet stunning card will teach you how to recreate beautiful roses, leaves, using pure silk ribbon.  And as a bonus, show how to make memorable greeting cards. Should card making not be your forte – have your beautiful design framed to hang onto a wall or have it framed to make a trinket box?  Once you have mastered the ancient art of Embroidery, the world is your oyster and the possibilities are endless. You will be taught how to make spider roses correctly, shape leaves beautifully using a 7mm wide ribbon, sew smooth satin leaf stitch leaves, do a back stitch, work with rayon, and sew on beads!

Workshop 2. SILK EMBROIDERED COAT HANGER  A 3 Hour Course 
Level:  Beginner upward.
Cost: R200.00 including kit

All too often we run out of hanging space, but still enjoy producing embroideries for us to enjoy. These delightful Coat Hangers are almost too beautiful to hang clothes over, but they will certainly brighten your special garments in your wardrobe. Need a gift for the person that has it all? This is certainly a thoughtful and meaningful gift for family and friends. The print can worked in several ways, each method adding its own charm and elegance. You are encouraged to use up threads and ribbons available in your own floss box, or be adventurous and try out new materials on the market. Allow your imagination to run free.  Suitable for all levels of embroidery.


5.     Quilting (traditional patchwork) with Irene Florence Tel: 084 747 7522

Workshop: ENGLISH PAPER PIECING A 3 hour class from 10:00am to 1:00pm.
Level: Beginner (for someone who has never done patchwork.)
Cost: R120.00 including kit

English Paper piecing is a time honoured technique dating back to at least 1813. It’s a wonderful simple method for constructing intricate quilts with lots of perfectly matched points.

We will be using this method to make a little bag – a kit will be provided.

6.     Creative fibre with wools and silk with Elaine Barnard Tel:084 556 0699

Workshop: CREATIVE BEADS A 5 hour class from 9.00 to 11.00am and 12.00 to 3.00pm 
Level: All 
Cost: R220.00 including kit

 Any person with a sense of adventure is welcome. A basic knowledge of sewing is all you need. You will be taught to make a variety of exquisite fabric beads in new and innovative ways .Silk fabric, un-carded Sari silk threads and wool will also be used. These beads can be worn or used as embellishment on knitting, felting, clothing , cushions, quilts or handbags .

If you have any friends who you think will be interested, please share this info with them.
Hope to see you there.


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