Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Beautiful Gifts

Today was a wonderful day! I spent the morning with my knitting friends and my littlest friend, Erin,who's 5 years old made me the most beautiful gifts. She spent a good part of the morning creating them. The first was presented as a little parcel wrapped with yarn which I had to carefully unwind and inside were three little pieces of fabric with fine flowers she had drawn on them. Once it was unwrapped, she explained to me that the little flowers were to be carefully attached to the piece of wool and I could use it to tie back my curtains. The second gift was made with fabric wrapped in yarn and a sprig of lavender, all tied to the end of a fine nylon thread. This was made to hang from my ceiling in my studio. The third gift was a fabric wrapped foam block held together with yarn and beautifully embellished with little pieces of fabric, some shiny red paper, lavender and mint. This too was to be hung in my studio. We agreed all 3 gifts would be hung together at a window in my studio. Here are a few photos of them.

Thank you again Erin, you made today a very special one for me.

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  1. Dana, you have made little Erin's day! She saw your pictures of her little creations hanging in your window and she is beside herself! She has declared that you are in need of earrings, so get ready! Thanks!


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