Monday, April 19, 2010

Simple Pleasures

Hello my Friends,

Today I spent a lot of time in my car and I usually listen to the radio while driving around. I have the radio tuned to 702 Talk Radio as there is usually some interesting topic of discussion and lots of lively calls from listeners. Lately the topics have centred around politics and natural disasters :( but today Jenny Crwys-Williams had her listeners call in and tell of their simple pleasures in life. People called in to tell of a whole host of little things that gave them pleasure - like standing bare foot on the lawn, the smell of clean laundry, a secret midnight snack, a Hello Daddy from a sleepy child early in the morning ... so many people phoned in, it was soooo uplifting :) With all that is going on around us at the moment we need to be reminded of these seemingly insignificant little things that give us pleasure every day and we need to also be reminded to notice them and to take pleasure in them.

This evening we had a sudden huge highveld storm - it came out of the blue with lots of rumbling thunder and lightning and even some hail. I found my boys standing in the doorway watching, both with silly grins on their faces - were they ever enjoying this simple pleasure!

I thought it would be nice to continue Jenny's idea here and remind each other of the simple every day pleasures we all can enjoy, so please leave a comment to share your little pleasures.

I'm off now for  a little of my favourite simple pleasures - a few rows of knitting and then a few pages of my book before going to sleep.

Here's another simple pleasure - a beautiful sunrise over the ocean

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