Friday, April 2, 2010

Followers - Friends

Hello my Friends,

Thank you all for visiting my blog - I love having you visit me here and so to show my appreciation I have decided that every month - to mark the monthiversary of my blog - I will place my cursor near all my followers, close my eyes, move my mouse around and randomly click on one. Whoever I click on will receive a little gift from me, as a thank you for following my ramblings.

I have both my boys home and am looking really forward to a wonderful long weekend, celebrating Easter with family and friends. Here's wishing you all a wonderful one too and for those who haven't managed to catch a glimpse of the Easter Bunny - here's a photo of him - hope you see him delivering your eggs!


  1. Hi Dana,
    he is so cute! Love it:)
    Your blog is looking amazing...

  2. Hi Dana, Yup, you and Linda were right....the message that kept popping up when I visited before is no more...yay!
    Heidi :)


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