Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One Great Knitter

I've put a lot of thought into todays post because I know many great knitters and many of them are really good friends. Natalia Valentine is one of the best knitters/crocheters/tunisian crocheters I know and if anyone has any question about anything she is the person with the answer. She produces many of the patterns for Stitches n Bears magazine and has written a book on Tunisian Crochet. Heidi, Linda, Sandra and O'dette whom I knit with every week also rate in my list of great knitters. Heidi hates sewing seams and has developed all sorts of ways to avoid them which she happily shares with anyone who wants to learn. She also produces amazing tutorials which can be found on her blog Heidi Bears . Linda knits the most beautiful animals (2 of which I'll be featuring in my upcoming book) and these can be found in her etsy shop - Mamma4earth. Sandra produces the most beautiful  art knitting and O'dette, who only recently started knitting is just a natural. Another great knitter is my very good friend Linda, better known as Sissie. She is an inpiration to everyone.

Here are some of my great knitting friends

The other person who I think deserves mention here is Hazel Hele who produces wonderful wearable art.

Hazel's Grand Canyon

....and the author of one of my favourite books - Debbie New.

I know there was only supposed to be 1 but ... :)

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