Tuesday, April 27, 2010

An Inspirational Pattern

When I read what the topic for today's post is, I immediately knew what I was going to write about.There is one pattern or rather technique that I am dying to try out and it'll be one of the first when my book is done. It's Sally Melville's "Knitting as Warp" and can be found in her book - Sally Melville Styles.

I love colour work and really don't mind working complicated fairisle and intarsia with lots of different yarns hanging off my work, but this really appeals to me as it's different. It combines knitting and weaving. The background fabric is knitted - very loosely in stocking stitch - which means fewer stitches and rows than normal knitting to produce the same size, so I imagine that it would work up fairly quickly. Then the fun starts - weaving in the colour work. The pattern is worked from a chart and it is all very clearly explained in the book. Since only one colour at a time can be woven, the process seems fairly simple but the results look amazing.


  1. An interesting idea - I want to see yours when it's done :-)

  2. I wish I was as comfortable with colorwork as you are!


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